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Riding The Small Business Wave?

Get Your Key Business Information At Your Fingertips and Start Enjoying The Ride!

Our 'Snapper' Swell level is the perfect starting point for small business.  Connect visually with your business financial data and learn how you can influence the outcomes.

Monthly Professional Insights for Your Business

Our expert consultants, all with accountancy backgrounds, will provide monthly customised insights for you on the performance of your business including tips and suggested actions on how you can move your business forward and where you should be focusing your time and energy.

Live Dashboard

Updating daily from your Xero data and accessible on any device. Get your key business metrics in one place in an easy to understand format. Allowing you to make business decisions quickly and confidently.

6 of the Most Powerful Business Metrics

We've selected the most powerful business metrics that every business needs to ensure success. These numbers are calculated daily for your business and put at your fingertips so you always know how your business is traveling.

Onboarding and Training

We want you to have the power to change your business numbers - you can't do that unless you understand how they work. We're not going to leave you in the dark - you'll receive 4 induction training calls (see curriculum for details)

Cameo Ashe

Cameo Ashe

Business Collaborator

We’re living in an exciting time of dramatically emerging technologies.  Through cloud computing, machine learning, AI and Big Data, small businesses now have access to software and information sources that previously were reserved for large companies with deep pockets.  It may appear counter-commercial but we want to drive down the cost of delivering service and in doing so the cost for businesses to access advisory services.  In doing so our goal is to further reduce the gap between large and small businesses.

To achieve our transformational purpose, we will utilize technology wherever possible and build alternative products that can deliver comparable advisory experiences at a lower price point.  

Whilst we embrace technology we also believe that nothing can fully replace human relationships, especially in knowledge industries.  As technology improves further we believe that human hours should be spent on relationship tasks rather than data processing.

Cameo, has been working in the accounting industry since 2000.  During this time she has worked with hundreds of small businesses to help them build sustainable growth businesses.  Cameo is a Chartered Accountant, Registered Tax Agent and holds a Masters in Business Administration.



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